Mulberry Title Cash offers vehicle title loans without a credit check!

About Us

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Bad Credit Loans

Because the borrower pledges their vehicle against the loan, it isn’t necessary to rely on credit profiles for loan approval.

No Driving Restrictions

You are free to use your vehicle any time you want without restrictions.

Fast Cash

We are committed to paying loans in a business day or less on all title loans Waco.

Customer Service

We’re ready to take calls or provide help from any local loan center store.

Applying for Auto Title Loans

Applications are easy to fill out and require very little time to complete.

In order to fulfill our collateral requirements for title loans Waco, we also require some basic vehicle information for the vehicle you’ll be pledging as collateral. To complete an application, we need:

  • Your full name, phone number and zip code.
  • A mileage estimate and the make, model, body style and age of your automobile.

There is never a charge for applying for car title loans with Mulberry Title Cash. Therefore, you might as well get the loan process started to learn how much cash you could receive.

How the Vehicle Title Loan Process Works


Mulberry Title Cash offers three methods for submitting applications. You can choose to visit a convenient loan center store in Waco, call in your application information or complete our short online application.

The Qualifying Process

Within hours of submitting an application, you’ll receive a call from a loan representative. He or she will provide you with an overview of how our loan process works from start to finish. You’ll have an opportunity to raise questions and learn more about how interest rates work and selecting an appropriate loan term to meet your financial concerns.

During the conversation, you’ll be asked to supply one or more income sources for repaying the loan. Our goal is to see that you have enough income to comfortable repay the loan without incurring a hardship. When you are approved for a loan, you’ll be asked to sign your contract agreement at a local loan center store.

Reviewing Your Contract

Written contracts are required for vehicle title loans. Essentially, a contract must fulfill state and federal vehicle title loan regulations to operate legally in the state of Texas. Mulberry Title Cash is responsible for seeing that the terms of the loan are clearly stated in the contract. Contracts will also include any special considerations and verbal agreements from phone consultations.

Meeting Legal Age Requirements

Federal laws require borrowers to be at least 18 years of age or older. So, to comply, we must verify your age with a Texas identification card or your driver’s license.

Income for Making Loan Payments

To make sure that borrowers can fulfill their legal agreement to repay the loan, we have to see some sort of proof of income. We prefer that you have a steady source of income, so there won’t be any missed payments. However, we are really very flexible and can accept several types of income sources such as self-employment income, alimony, disability benefits, unemployment benefits, part-time or full-time income, Social Security benefits, business income, commission income and other income sources.

Vehicles for Collateral

Interested applicants should have a working vehicle that can be offered as collateral. We can accept cars, trucks, motorcycles and SUVs. Vehicles can be fairly old or new.

Car Titles

Each approved borrower should be prepared to turn over the hard copy of their car title during the loan closing. We will verify that your name is listed on the title and that your title is lien free.

If you don’t have a clear title and have just recently paid off your vehicle, you can take your lien release you received from your auto lender to the Motor Vehicle Department to exchange it for a clear title.

To secure the loan, we put a temporary lien against the vehicle. If you should default on the loan, we have the right to sell the vehicle to recoup the loss of the loan funds and interest owed. However, most borrowers go out of their way to make each and every payment to avoid repossession.

Title loans Waco come with

great benefits, friendly services, no credit checks and cash when you need it.